Briotta Talks & Prize

The Talks

The Richard J. Briotta Talks “Got a Minute” are annual memorial lectures for a respected and beloved faculty member. Dr. Briotta was the Director of the Communications and Information Management program for many years at Bay Path University and was a founding member of the Bay Path University Research Committee. “Dick,” as his colleagues knew him, was an indefatigable and good-natured raconteur; a conversation with him was often a journey over steep and challenging intellectual terrain that would at times reveal a vista, at other times leave you in a thicket. He would invite you into this experience with his well-known phrase “Got a Minute” which, of course, never ever was just a minute. We honor his curiosity and love of conversation in these talks, and with them challenge our faculty to share their intellectual passions with the University community. We imagine Dick enjoying these presentations.

The Richard J. Briotta Outstanding Faculty Research, Scholarly Activity, and Creative Works Prize

The Bay Path University Division of Research and Academic Resources, Office of Research, supports faculty scholarship in all disciplines.  Faculty who perform research, conduct scholarly activities, or undertake creative work, contribute to their fields and serve as positive role models for out students.

This award is given in memory of Dr. Richard J. Briotta who, until his untimely passing in 2015, served as a member of the Bay Path faculty, as Director of the graduate program in Communications and Information Management, and as a founding member of the Bay Path University Research Committee.  This award recognizes the work of a faculty member who has published, presented, performed or patented and serves to elevate the profile of Bay Path University.  Faculty work may include the advancement or creation of new knowledge in a particular discipline.

All full-time faculty and program directors are eligible for this annual award.  Once nominated and selected by the Research Committee, the faculty member may not be nominated again for a five-year period.